Once upon a time, as these things go, there was a dragon that coiled around something small and unseen, never moving. People came, people went; it never stirred for one. They taunted it, and teased, and some even begged for the treasure it clung to, relentless. Not once did it turn towards them. Until, a girl. With a cloud of hair and skin like coal, and smile so easy, she asked the dragon, “What do you keep?” No one ever asked. A curl of smoke rose from its nostrils, and it hugged the egg closer to hiss, “All my dreams.”

3 thoughts on “100 Word Story: Dragon (2016)

      • June 27, 2016 at 8:08 pm

        Agreed, with a hint of bitersweet. Hope I’m not intruding, Melissa Grace sent me, via her blog. Though you should be to blame personally, as you did write that book I read, hmm then there was this short story…



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