Hi! Welcome to my site. So nice to see you’ve stumbled onto my page. I suppose I can tell you a little bit about myself then…

G Benson with her cat
Me and my ridiculous cat.

My name is G Benson. I´m an author who originates from a small town in the south west of Australia, before I moved to a bigger city for university and work. I spent my childhood wrapped up in books and fictional worlds I created for my own entertainment. I don’t really remember the day I decided to start putting them to paper, but I do know a lot of it took the form of angsty poetry that will, thankfully, never see the light of day. Then, as I got a little older, I started to write about the things I wanted to see in the media.

One day, journal in hand (by that I mean my lap top) I boarded a plane and spent six months wandering Europe. Soon, I settled in Spain and have been here for the last two years, speaking absurd Spanish—though I’m remarkably fluent in Spanglish—and trying to travel as much as I can.

G Benson on a snowboard trip
Enjoying the snow.

It was in Spain that I started taking my writing seriously. Ylva, my fantastic publisher, contacted me after reading some online work and the rest, as they say, is history. I love to explore new genres and as long as I have access to something that allows me write, I do it. Character driven stories are what inspire me as a F/F fiction author, and I love to explore the facets of people’s personalities. My favourite thing to do is to drop them in some kind of situation, and see what they do. It’s important to me to try to insure my stories reflect the diversity that exists in the world we’re all in, and that’s something I’ll be trying to improve on as long as I’m putting words to page.

I hope you enjoy looking around this site (isn’t it pretty?) and if you have anything to say, even just a “hi”, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love hearing from readers!

– G Benson

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