Thank you everyone who entered, and for such thought out answers to the question “Why is YA important?”

Everyone nailed it, and I have to say, I agree with everything everyone said. YA is important to provide a reflection for young people to see themselves in, for providing a variety of stories, to break the mold, and that idea of “doom” of queer people. YA books show young people they aren’t alone in their experiences, they provide a distraction, they can be educational, and, last but not least, they provide entertainment.

Writing Pieces was a ride of emotions–the characters are still with me, more so than any other book I’ve written. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it.

So! On to the winners, who I have also sent a comment. The winners are: Ella, Ekezes, and Charlotte Demsescko! The winners were randomly drawn, and I really appreciate everyone’s participation. Thank you again, so much!

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