Hey all! Thanks so much for participating in my e-book giveaway. I had so much fun reading through your answers. I was going to sit down and reply personally to each, but they ended up a bit overwhelming. So, first: the winners, and then: I´m going to talk about your answers a little!

So, congratulations to:

  1. Kerry McNair
  2. Renee DiNigris
  3. Kij228

These were chosen completely at random by asking my friend to choose three numbers between 1 and 21–a very scientific way ;). Please send me an email (gbensonauthor@gmail.com) with your name and the format you need for your e-book, and I´ll send your copy through to you! Please (pretty please) remember that all I ask is for an honest review via Goodreads and/or Amazon when you´re done :)

Thanks to everyone for taking part!

So–Australia. Being a West Australian gal, I am so partial to it. Less busy, beaches that stretch forever with white sand, the north west is stunning–check these out:

IMG-20150418-WA0013 20160319_122810

20160317_154140 IMG-20150415-WA0028

IMG_20160402_183140 20150415_174145

*so pretty*

These were all taken around my home town/state.

There were a lot of answers for Sydney–which I do like, fun city. Not as many for Melbourne, which I found surprising. I love Melbourne. Queensland is a state everyone should visit: very cool, great beaches, The Great Barrier Reef is there. Maybe you can find Nemo? I lived there eight months in my gap year; it´s amazing. There were so many answers for Adelaide, which surprised me! I´ve never been (we call it Radelaide, and Brisbane is Brisvegas…Australia is a strange place–see my blog post here for language differences).

It was great to read how many people would like to go/have been and want to go back. I hope you all get to go over soon!

Thanks again for your participation. Don´t forget you can pick up a copy here at the Ylva site or here at Amazon!

Giveaway winners!
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