I don´t know about everyone else out there, but I need a break from watching The 100 and stressing about lesbian death. Don´t know what I´m talking about? You need to get on your sofa, get a hold of Netflix and binge seasons 1-2. You won´t regret it. What starts off as a teenagery (new word), dystopian sci-fi turns into one of the best shows on television at the moment. It´s full of POC and it´s gotten so queer there are constant jokes on Tumblr. It´s great.

Does it have issues? Yes. Is it still awesome? Yup!

However, I´ve done what every good lesbi-shipper should never do: I´ve gotten way, way too invested. But Gabby, you ask, why is this a problem? Well, like all reading this who are living under the LGBT umbrella, I fear the Lesbian Death; or the Queer Death…the Death of the Gay.

Sound dramatic? It is, a little. I live for drama and to prance around in an overly dramatic fashion with my arms flailing. But does this fear come from a dramatic place with absolutely no basis?

No. Not even a little.

I have a genuine sense of dread that Commander Lexa (aka Commander Bad Ass, aka Commander Heart Eyes) is going to be killed off. That this awesome, complicated, beautifully acted and fleshed out character will die.

Why? Because that´s our history. In media, the lesbian dies. Or her girlfriend dies and then the other goes back to men/finds a boyfriend and lives happily ever after. Or she goes crazy. Or all of the above. And, frustratingly, all this often occurs after the two lovely ladies finally get together. Usually after sex, which is an entire other blog post and I´m sure anyone reading this is well aware of that trope, anyway.

I don´t know about everyone else (actually, on this I think I do), but I´m tired of dead queers. I´m sick of not being able to enjoy a great story because I´m waiting for it to end in death. I´m so tired of dead lesbians. I´m so exhausted with the stories that I´m told are for us reflecting tragedy as if it´s all writers/producers for these television shows/movies think they can use to make the rest of the world relate to us.

We are not tragedy. We are not only sad stories that end in death when the girl finally gets the girl. We are more than that. We are strength and friendship and romance and happiness and love.

Which is why I adore lesbian fiction. There, we are all of that. We are complex characters and story lines and multi-faceted relationships. And lesbian fiction gives us it all. It gives us girls fighting Bad Dudes in space and surviving earthquakes and saving the day and it gives us a place in history. There is so, so much variety there for us to immerse ourselves in.

Which is why I´m so freaking excited to attend Lesvos Lesfic in June. No matter what happens to my favourite bis and lesbians on the TV shows I´m currently obsessing over, there I get to delve into talking about fiction and all the ways it affects our lives. I get to hang out with some fellow awesome authors, including Jae, Gill McKnight and A.L. Brooks. I get to chat with readers and discuss literature and enjoy the beauty that is Lesvos.

Spread over five days, from the 9th to the 14th of June, we´re all going to participate in a huge slew of activities ranging from bar quizzes, author panels, readings, various workshops and book talks. And the better news? The convention itself is free. All you´ll be paying for are the flights, your hotel and some meals. What a better summer getaway can you ask for? Want to hear how it gets better? You´ll be supporting a community that is coping with a huge influx of refugees with little help from the rest of the world.


An entire five days for lesbian fiction? To explore interesting, fun stories with ladies who love ladies front and center? Count me so, so in. If you´re interested, have a look at the website, as we would so love to see you there.

Who knows, maybe I´ll speak about my next book, coming out just a few weeks after the trip ;)

Thinking of joining us? Want to rant about lesbians in media? Are you also flailing and squealing about The 100 (I swear I had a life before this show, where did it goooooo…)? Got a question? Leave a comment!

How going to Lesvos Lesfic is keeping me sane…
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